Visits of the Federal Agency 2018

31.01.2018|Forced Return Flight Monitoring Leipzig/Halle - Enfidha (Tunisia)

01.02.2018|Federal Police Station Leipzig

14.03.2018|Federal Police Station Berlin-Südkreuz

29.05.2018|Monitoring of part of a forced return from Bamberg to Airport Frankfurt

13.06.2018|Federal Police Station Oranienburg

21.08.2018|Federal Police Station Airport Berlin - Tegel; Monitoring of part of a forced return; Federal Police Station Berlin - Zoologischer Garten 

28.08.2018|Federal Police Station Frankfurt a.M., Customs Investigation Office Frankfurt a.M., Federal Police Station Wiesbaden

24.09.2018|Monitoring of part of a forced return flight Frankfurt - Islamabad (Pakistan)

9.11.2018|Federal Police Station Lichtenberg, Federal Police Station Berlin-East