Visits of the Joint Commission 2016

05.01.2016|Hünfeld Prison

04.02.2016|Arnstadt Juvenile Prison

15.02.2016|Police Station, Görlitz

16.02.2016|Police Station, Meißen

17.02.2016|Police Detention Center, Dresden

23.02.2016|Home for Elderly People, Baden-Württemberg

24.02.2016|Pedagogic-therapeutical unit for juveniles

02.03.2016|Passau Prison, Passau Regional Court, Passau Police Station

07.03.2016|Police Stations Koblenz I and Lahnstein

11.03.2016|Berlin Prison for Women, Main Facility Lichtenberg

16.03.2016|Lübeck Prison (Women's section)

17.03.2016|Schleswig Juvenile Prison

30.03.2016|Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry), Baden-Wurttemberg

31.03.2016|Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry), Baden-Wurttemberg

04.04.2016|Würzburg Prison (Women's section)

06.04.2016|Willich II Prison for Women

21.04.2016|Neumünster Prison (Juvenile section)

28.04.2016|Home for Elderly People, North Rhine-Westphalia

11.05.2016|Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry), Bavaria

12.05.2016|Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry), Bavaria

19.05.2016|Luckau-Duben Prison (Women's section)

20.05.2016|Pedagogic-therapeutical unit for juveniles

02.06.2016|Aichach Prison (Women's section)

16.06.2016|Police Station, Reutlingen 

17.06.2016|Police Detention Centre Stuttgart, Police Station Weinheim 

06.07.2016|Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry), Hessen

11.07.2016|Rohrbach Prison (Women's section)

21.07.2016|Vechta Prison for Women

03.08.2016|Duisburg-Hamborn Prison, Section Dinslaken (Women's section)

04.08.2016|Gelsenkirchen Prison (Women's section)

09.08.2016|Zweibrücken Prison (Women's section)

21.09.2016|Home for Elderly People, Saxony

28.09.2016|Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry

29.09.2016|Billwerder Prison (Women's section)

07.10.2016|Halle Prison (Women's section)

01.11.2016|Police Station, Cologne, Follow-up visit

02.11.2016|Pedagogic-therapeutical unit for juveniles

16.11.2016|Police Station, Güstrow

17.11.2016|Police Station, Schwerin

18.11.2016|Bützow Prison (Women's section)

24.11.2016|Köln Prison (Women's section), Follow-up visit

25.11.2016|Police Station, Siegburg

05.12.2016|Police Station, Norden

06.12.2016|Police Station, Leer/Emden, Police Station, Oldenburg-Stadt/Ammerland

09.12.2016|Karlsruhe Prison, Section Bühl (Women's section)




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