Visits of the Joint Commission 2019

09.01.2019|Psychiatric Hospital (Child and Asolescent Psychiatry), North Rhine-Westphalia

15.01.2019|Forensic Psychiatry, Lippstadt (follow-up visit)

28.01.2019|Home for Elderly People, Bavaria

29.01.2019|Bayreuth Prison

13.02.2019|Bamberg Prison

13.02.2019|Forensic Psychiatry, Bremen (follow-up visit)

11.03.2019|Moabit Prison, Berlin

27.03.2019|Forensic Psychiatry, Rostock

28.03.2019|Psychiatric Hospital (Child and Asolescent Psychiatry), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

04.04.2019|Home for Elderly People, Schleswig-Holstein

05.04.2019|Home for Elderly People, Schleswig-Holstein

15.04.2019|Psychiatric Hospital (Child and Asolescent Psychiatry), Hesse

15.04.2019|Forensic Psychiatry, Merzig

25.04.2019|Forensic Psychiatry, Cologne

26.04.2019|Tonna Prison (follow-up visit)

15.05.2019|Home for Elderly People, Berlin

15.05.2019|Police Station Potsdam

15.05.2019|Forensic Psychiatry, Brandenburg an der Havel

24.05.2019|Forensic Psychiatry, Erlangen

17.06.2019|Police Station Erfurt-South and Police Station Erfurt-North

01.07.2019|Stadelheim Prison (Womens`section), Munich

02.07.2019|Pedagogic-therapeutical unit for juveniles, Munich

11.07.2019|Facility for detention of persons pending deportation Pforzheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg

23.07.2019|Diez Prison (follow-up visit)

29.07.2019|Forensic Psychiatry, Hadamar

08.08.2019|Forensic Psychiatry, Bernburg

13.08.2019|Facility for detention of persons pending deportation Erding, Bavaria