Visits of the Joint Commission 2017

17.01.2017|Police Stations Jena and Weimar

18.01.2017|Police Station Gotha

09.02.2017|Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry, North Rhine-Westphalia

20.02.2017|Police Station Gießen-South and 4th Police Station Frankfurt

22.02.2017|Home for Elderly People, Lower Saxony

23.02.2017|Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry), Lower Saxony

21.03.2017|Police Stations 14 and 15, Hamburg

22.03.2017|Facility for detention pending deportation Hamburg

24.03.2017|Karlsruhe Prison

24.03.2017|Home for Elderly People, Schleswig-Holstein

27.03.2017|Pedagogic-therapeutical unit for juveniles

29.03.2017|Pedagogic-therapeutical unit for juveniles

10.04.2017|Tegel Prison

20.04.2017|Police Station Rosenheim

21.04.2017|Traunstein Prison

26.04.2017|Police Station Bad Segeberg, Police Station Kiel

27.04.2017|Police Station Brunsbüttel, Police Station Itzehoe, Police Station Elmshorn

27.04.2017|Psychiatric Hospital (Child and Asolescent Psychiatry), Baden-Wurttemberg

12.05.2017|Police Custody West and Southwest, Berlin

17.05.2017|Police Station Homburg and Police Station Saarbrücken-St. Johann

18.05.2017|Home for Elderly People, Saarland

23.05.2017|Police Station 24 Munich (Perlach)

24.05.2017|Police Station ED6 Munich

07.06.2017|Police Station Solingen and Police Station Wuppertal

14.06.2017|Home for Elderly People Berlin

15.06.2017|Psychiatric Hospital (Forensic Psychiatry)

20.06.2017|Pedagogic-therapeutical unit for juveniles

28.06.2017|Police Station Ludwigshafen 1 and Police Station Worms

05.07.2017|Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry), Bavaria


07.07.2017|Temporary Police detention center G20 summit

10.07.2017|Police Station Halle

11.07.2017|Burg Prison

17.07.2017|Police Station Hildesheim and Police Station Bremen-City Centre

18.07.2017|Police Stations Nienburg, Garbsen and Hannover-Central

18.07.2017|Police Station Ludwigsburg

19.07.2017|Women transition unit of the prison of Stuttgart, Police Station Waiblingen

26.07.2017|Pedagogic-therapeutical unit for juveniles

01.08.2017|Monitoring of part of a forced return from Ingolstadt to Airport Munich

08.08.2017|Police Stations Bad Doberan, Ribnitz-Damgarten and Wismar

09.08.2017|Police Station Freiberg

10.08.2017|Police Station Chemnitz-Northeast

10.08.2017|Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry), Saxony

28.08.2017|Home for Elderly People, Hesse (follow-up visit)

05.09.2017|Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry, Bavaria

11.09.2017|Police Station Eichstätt

12.09.2017|Facility for detention of persons pending deportation, Eichstätt

14.09.2017|Psychiatric Hospital (Child and Asolescent Psychiatry), Bavaria

15.09.2017|Psychiatric Hospital (Child and Asolescent Psychiatry), Bavaria

29.09.2017|Home for Elderly People, Baden-Württemberg (follow-up visit)

30.09.2017|Police Station 17 Munich (Wiesnwache)

23.10.2017|Police Station Tempelhof, Berlin

23.10.2017|Home for Elderly People, Brandenburg

23.10.2017|Police Station Dessau-Roßlau

25.10.2017|Police Station Oberhavel

15.11.2017|Police Station 1 (Central) Cologne

16.11.2017|Follow-up visit of pedagogic-therapeutical home for juveniles

23.11.2017|Police Station Euskirchen

24.11.2017|Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry), North Rhine-Westphalia

30.11.2017|Home for Elderly People, Bremen (follow-up visit)

01.12.2017|Psychiatric Hospital (Forensic Psychiatry)

05.12.2017|Follow-up visit of Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry), Baden-Wurttemberg