Visits of the Joint Commission 2015

03.02.2015 Short-Term Youth Detention Facility Lebach
23.02.2015 Youth Prison Schifferstadt
10.03.2015 Short-Term Youth Detention Facility Moltsfelde
25.03.2015 Cottbus-Dissenchen Prison
09.04.2015 Short-Term Youth Detention Facility Arnstadt
07.05.2015 Police Stations Neunkirchen (Saar) and Saarbrücken St. Johann
05.06.2015 Police Detention Center Garmisch-Partenkirchen (G7 Summit)
06.06.2015 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Prison (G7 Summit)
03.06.2015 Pedagogic-therapeutical unit for juveniles
15.06.2015 Bonn police headquarters, Köln police headquarters
16.06.2015 Dortmund police headquarters
17.06.2015 Adelsheim Prison (youth prison)
03.07.2015 Rockenberg Prison (youth prison)
15.-16.07.2015 Youth Prison Hameln
24.07.2015 Police Station Erfurt-Nord
05.08.2015 Police Station Frankfurt (Oder), Police Station Potsdam
18.08.2015 Youth Prison Wittlich
01.09.2015 Pedagogic-therapeutical unit for juveniles
14.09.2015 Ebrach Prison (youth prison)
30.09.2015 Bruchsal Prison
05.10.2015 Police Custody Berlin, Nordost
16.10.2015 Facility for detention of persons pending deportation, Eisenhüttenstadt (Follow-up visit)
19.10.2015 Laufen-Lebenau Prison (youth prison)
23.11.2015 Wuppertal-Ronsdorf Prison (youth prison)
25.11.2015 Home for Elderly People Hesse
26.11.2015 Home for Elderly People Rhineland-Palatinate
02.12.2015 Home for Elderly People Thuringia
02.12.2015 Short-term youth detention facilities Düsseldorf and Wetter (Ruhr)- follow up visit
07.12.2015 Ottweiler (Saar) Prison (youth prison)
09.12.2015 Central Police Custody Lübeck
09.12.2015 Police Headquarters Bremen
18.12.2015 Psychiatric Hospital (General Psychiatry) Baden-Wurttemberg