The National Agency is composed of ten honorary members, eight in the Joint Commission of the States (Länder) and two in the Federal Agency.

Members of the Joint Commission of the States are nominated by the Conference of Ministers of Justice. The head of the Federal Agency and his deputy have been nominated by the Federal Ministry of Justice in agreement with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Defence. Members are nominated for four years.

Members of the Federal Agency

Name Official title Since Function
Klaus Lange-Lehngut Ltd. Regierungsdirektor, ret. 12/2008 Head
Ralph-Günther Adam Ltd. Sozialdirektor, ret. 06/2013 Deputy Head

Members of the Joint Commission of the States (Länder)

Name Official title / Profession Since Function
Rainer Dopp State Secretary ret. 09/2012 Chairman
Petra Heß Reserve Commander 09/2012 Member
Dr Helmut Roos Ministerialdirigent ret. 07/2013 Member
Michael Thewalt Ltd. Regierungsdirektor ret. 07/2013 Member
Dr Monika Deuerlein Dipl. Psych. 01/2015 Member
Prof Dr Dirk Lorenzen Psychological Psychotherapist 01/2015 Member
Margret Suzuko Osterfeld Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist 01/2015 Member
Hartmut Seltmann Senior Police Officer ret. 01/2015 Member